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Citoyen Optimum Welcomes France-Michèle Thomas as Account Director

Carolane Delage

Account Manager

“Building lasting relationships, listening to target audiences and developing innovative strategies—that’s what I call successful public relations.”

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations from the Université du Québec à Montréal, Carolane joined the Citoyen Optimum team in July 2015 full of determination and enthusiasm.

Her strong desire to help others led her to work on various public relations mandates recently for several foundations, while she honed her communication skills. She completed an internship at the Quebec Foundation for the Blind, among others, where she carried out press relations, managed sponsorships and handled social media. Most notably, Carolane discovered her passion for events when she helped to organize a car race for the blind.

During an internship at Citoyen Optimum, Carolane was actively involved in various projects, helping to manage events, write press releases and reports, conduct research and participate in brainstorming sessions.

In her role as an Account Manager, Carolane completed with precision and creativity numerous projects for her clients. She works on several PR campaigns for PepsiCo Foods, Molson Coors, Loblaws, Procter & Gamble, AccorHotels and Stampin’ Up!.

Fascinated by the world of social media, Carolane is interested in everything concerning new media and is always on top of the latest trends in the communications industry. She takes great pleasure in conducting press reviews for the agency’s various clients and in scanning the news to unearth new opportunities. Carolane has a penchant for everything related to travel, the outdoors, fashion and food.

Meticulous yet vibrant, Carolane is entirely committed to her clients’ development and the projects that she takes on. Client satisfaction is one of her top priorities.

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