About us / Ethics report line

Vision7 International is committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity and ethical business conduct.

As a clear indication of what we mean by that, Vision7 has an established Code of Conduct. This is a set of rules and principles that we ask all our employees to live by. This is why we all ask Vision7 people to read and sign the Code as acknowledgment that they have agreed to adhere to it.

And now, in a further step to ensure company-wide compliance, we have created a mechanism that provides employees – as well as the companies that work with us – a means to report any perceived breaches in this conduct.

It is called the Ethics Report Line and it acts as an avenue for employees, contractors, vendors or clients to report, in confidence, any concerns they may have over incidents they feel are unethical and/or have contravened our Code of Conduct.

To facilitate this policy, Vision7 has partnered with a third party vendor, Navex Global who will provide us with a reporting system. The system allows employees to file reports with complete confidentiality and anonymously if you should choose so.

For more information, visit: www.vision7international.ethicspoint.com